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Introduction to TexTechnical Resources, LLC TexTechnical Resources, LLC is a new technical writing and services company, but our experts’ experience spans over 60 years of combined know how. Ranging from U.S. military, federal and industrial technical communications programs to superior academic, grammatical and computer science fundamentals we are uniquely positioned to provide the best service in the most efficient manner possible. At TexTechnical Resources, we don’t deal in bad science; we find out what works and use it! Our goal is to produce a highly superior product at greatly reduced costs to our clients. We are able to do this because we only accept jobs that we can handle while keeping our overhead at the bare minimum. This means once we take on your company's project you can rest assured that you will receive much better quality than what you would normally expect and it will be completed on time, every time. With TexTechnical Resources, our clients range from the single parent arranging a birthday party for a child to a busy college professor who needs a syllabus for his upcoming classes to corporate entities seeking clear, concise communications material. No job is too large or small for TexTechnical Resources. Call us and see how we can help you today. Sitemap image tex technical